The Lands

The Lands

Historically ‘Bungawalbyn Valley Basin’, or Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia is the birthplace of the TEA TREE INDUSTRY.

Originally attractive for its rich soil, settlers couldn’t survive the harsh environment. Challenging weather conditions topped off with foreign insects, caused serious infection that could end up being fatal.  

Indigenous Australians exposed to the same conditions with little or no protection were observed crushing tea tree leaf and binding it over wounds.  The results were staggering, infection was controlled and wounds healed rapidly.

Over a period of time world populations were introduced to this unique ‘natural’ antiseptic.  Still to this day, 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) proves to be an effective treatment of topical infections and fungal diseases.  

As the Tea Tree industry developed, the species extended outside this natural growing environment. In some cases, the oil produced from these outer lands was of poor quality often causing skin irritation.

NAP takes great pride in our farms not only carrying out wildcrafting of the land in best interest of maintaining the natural state of the environment, but also in the singular most native location in the world where the Tree Grows naturally, ensuring the most premium yielding oil.

Our roots lay in mastering the art of being a supplier to the international Tea Tree Industry, and this all starts with our ancient Mother Trees.  It is from this most essential experience that NAP has grown to have such diverse knowledge in order to source a wide range of products from the best farms to offer premium products to our valued clients.