Protecting Wildlife

Protecting Wildlife

A simple day on our Jenbrook Farms would reveal more than just thousands of ancient mother trees. You would also find a few of our furry natural residents. These native Australian wild animals are our companions during long days on the plantation. But many of these animals are in danger and their species are at risk.

In best efforts to support the difficulties they face as the world around us grows at such a fast pace, we not only aim to maintain a natural environment for them to live on our property, we also teamed up with the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation

In learning more about the plight they do face, we became especially moved by the story of a little koala named Tahlia and the struggles she faced. 

Tahlia’s story got us thinking seriously about what more we could do to help protect our Australian friends.  Protecting all native species is important to our company.  We're proud to give a portion of our proceeds back to wild animal hospitals all over Australia, beginning with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation in Queensland in support of all the hard work they carry out to nurture our native friends.

To date, over 40,000 native animals have been released back into the wild through this initiative and NAP is proud to be a contributor to that effort.

Proceeds from every sale at Naturally Australian Products, Inc are sent back to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to help continue their mission to protect another important Australian resource...the animals. To learn more and support a cause close to our hearts

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