Wheatgerm 🌿

Triticum vulgare

🌿 conventional or certified organic available

Extracted from the kernel of wheat grains, wheat germ oil is a rich source of vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and many other essential nutrients.  In fact, it contains 23 different nutrients. 

Wheat germ oil is made from the germ of the wheat.  The grain consists of three parts – the husk, the germ and the endosperm – and it is the germ that is used in the manufacture of the oil. 

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  • Studied Properties
  • Common Uses

Studied Properties


APPEARANCE                           Light yellow to golden yellow colored liquid

ODOUR                                    Characteristic mild wheat like odour

SPECIFIC GRAVITY @20°C          0.915 to 0.930

REFRACTIVE INDEX @20°C        1.469 to 1.479

FLASHPOINT                             250°C



The main chemical constituents of Wheatgerm Oil are:

Palmitic Acid


Stearic Acid

Oleic Acid

Linoleic  Acid

Alpha-Linolenic Acid


ALLERGENS: No known allergens.

Common Uses


Wheatgerm oil is one of the widely used carriers and also has great medicinal properties.  It is thick and heavy with a strong smell.  The oil is rich in vitamin E and other essential fatty acids. It also contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C and other proteins and minerals like magnesium, copper and zinc. The presence of all these nutrients makes it a good source of dietary nutrition.  Wheatgerm oil is also a good emollient. It is heavy in nature and hence is normally blended with other oils for massaging purpose.


Anti-aging and antioxidant properties help minimize wrinkles and fine lines whilst reducing signs of premature aging and preserving the skin. The vitamin B content in wheat germ oil helps in tissue growth, repairing tissue damage and assists vitamins, minerals and nutrients reaching your cells.

Wheatgerm oils is an anti-inflammatory and soothes and repairs skin easing  problems like eczema, dry skin and psoriasis.  It is recommended for skin that has been exposed to sun and environmental damage.


Wheat germ oil preserves the texture of your hair and is optimal for a dry and flaky scalp