Shea Butter

Vitellaria paradoxa

The Vitellaria paradoxa botanical – formerly known as the Butyrospermum parkii botanical, and most commonly known as the versatile Shea tree – is not only the source of Shea nuts from which the well-known Shea Butter is derived; it has also proven itself to be valuable for conserving semi-arid Africa’s delicate ecosystems and for sustaining entire communities.

After being extracted from the shea nut, the appearance of virgin shea nut butter is a pale, tan yellowish color that carries a characteristic odor.

Virgin shea butter is a soft solid at room temperature with a melting point ranging from 89-113 degrees Fahrenheit. The unique fatty acid profile coupled with the butter's high level of non-saponifiables, makes it a highly effective emollient.

Available in Conventional & Organic Grades.

Refined or Virgin

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