Sandalwood Seed

Santalum Spicatum

Santalum Spicatum , syn. Fusanus spicatus

A very widespread tree, found in nearly all of Western Australia, Sandalwood is also found in South Australia on Eyre Peninsula, Flinders Ranges, northern Mt Lofty Ranges and into the Broken Hill region of New South Wales.
From around 5 years of age sandalwood trees produce seeds that contain a high proportion of oil rich in Ximenynic acid (XA), known to assist in the protection of the skin by improving elasticity, reducing inflammation, whilst stimulating blood circulation to give an overall healthier look.
Nuts are harvested and mechanically processed (nut cracking of the hard woody shell). The nut kernel is then placed into a machine where the oil is extracted via super critical CO2 distillation.  This distillation uses no heat and produces the best oil, with little to nothing lost in the processing of the nut.
The nuts were prized for moisturising the skin, hair and scalp by Indigenous people for centuries around Western and South Australia. The Sandalwood seed has long been part of the traditional diet of the Indigenous Australians. Medicinally it has been taken orally to reduce rheumatoid arthritis and topically rubbed for cold and stiffness. 

Indigenous uses of sandalwood seed:

Consumed as a cure for arthritis.

Rubbed on painful joints.

Heals sores, skin lesions and burns.

Generally protects skin. 

Every Sandalwood Seed Oil product is packed and quality assured as per regulatory requirement. The ultimate achievement of this oil is to deliver one of the greatest gifts of nature in its purest form and share the secret of this dermatological elixir.

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Sandalwood Seed Oil is a natural blend of ximenynic acid (35±2%) and oleic acid (52±2%).The fatty acids and molecular composition of Sandalwood Seed Oil, makes it a very attractive ingredient for use in both skin and hair products. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of active Ximenynic acid has been shown to prevent degradation of hyaluronic acid and collagen and leads to an overall strengthening of the extracellular matrix, which in turn leads to an improvement in skin elasticity and tighter looking skin.

Researchers have identified the following pharmacological properties of Ximenynic acid:

- Potent anti-inflammatory agent.

- Increase micro-circulation in skin.

- Micro-vascular constriction to reduce varicose veins and cellulitis.

- Reduce hair loss.

- Reduce sebum secretion (oily skin).

- Reduce fat deposition under skin (Adipose tissue)


Australian Sandalwood Seed (Nut) oil has excellent emollient qualities, is very smooth and non-sticky. The oil is extremely moisturising to the skin, scalp and hair.  It’s an excellent anti-aging product. Sandalwood Seed (Nut) oil readily accepts essential oils being mixed with it.
The oil is nourishing and moisturizing, and it softens and revitalizes the skin naturally.

Non- toxic and non-irritant.

Not tested on animals.

No preservatives

A new, supreme skin, scalp and hair softener and moisturizer. Great for frizzy hair. It is an excellent massage or carrier oil. It is ideal in skin cream formulations.
Is also used in  soaps, body lotions, body butters and lip balms. It is an excellent emollient and it spreads smoothly and evenly.