Prickly Pear

Opuntia ficus indica

ūüĆŅ conventional or organic available

Prickly Pear oil is nutrient packed and has one of the highest levels of Vitamin E of any plant-based source and contains 150 percent more Vitamin E than the long time facial favorite, Argan oil.  Vitamin E is a beloved ingredient in skincare, found in moisturizers, facial oils, face masks, and so much more.  

Originating in Morocco, prickly pear seed oil, also known as 'barbary fig oil

is easily absorbed through the skin, it exerts powerful regenerating and restructuring properties.  Prickly pear oil rejuvenates mature skin and also gives it a slight lifting effect.  Regular use results in the skin staying elastic, smooth and firm, and has a natural shine. Its antioxidant activity is strengthening and it's protective, anti-pollution and anti-stress properties combat skin-aging from the sun.  It is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids which help to fight against dry skin, improves hydration, slows the aging process of the skin and prevents wrinkles.

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  • Studied Properties
  • Common Uses

Studied Properties

APPEARANCE: Pale yellow to greenish yellow colored liquid

ODOUR: Characteristic nutty odour

SPECIFIC GRAVITY @20¬įC: 0.900 to 0.930

REFRACTIVE INDEX @20¬įC: 1.463 to 1.479



The main chemical constituents of Prickly Pear Oil are: Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid, Linoleic  Acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid

Common Uses

Prickly pear seed oil is perfectly suited for moisturisers, anti-aging product, hair care, nail care and lip care.

Just a few of the many benefits:


Prickly pear oil has a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acid and a high content of Omega 6 essential fatty acids.  It is rich in vitamin E, minerals and amino acids. A potent anti-oxidant it is a good source of tocopherol and a strong anti-inflammatory.


Thanks to its nutrient-packed profile, Prickly Pear oil offers a myriad of skin-related benefits. Its high concentration of essential fatty acids helps reduce redness and inflammation and may be particularly advantageous for those who suffer from rosacea.  Prickly Pear seed oil also boasts the highest concentration of a type of antioxidant known as betalains, which is also found in beetroot and Goji berries. Due to its high betalain content, the oil is also a powerful tool in the anti-ageing arena, helping to shield the skin against wrinkle-inducing free radical damage while its amino acids work to promote collagen production.

Arguably one of its most interesting benefits comes from its vitamin K content, which research has shown to minimise the appearance of stubborn under-eye circles and hyperpigmentation.
In addition to its aforementioned benefits, the oil is widely lauded for its high vitamin E and fatty acid profile (lionleic and oleic acid), with the two in combination working to enable the restoration of elasticity while delivering an intense hit of hydration.

It's also reported as an ideal oil for those who experience frequent acne, as its non-comedogenic and helps prevent sebum from hardening and encouraging acne to develop.


While it's most commonly praised for its role in skin care, it's also an excellent treatment for dry or lacklustre hair.  Much like Argan oil, a few drops of the pure stuff goes a long way. As far as incorporating it into your hair care regime goes, you can add a few drops to your existing conditioner, or use a treatment that already contains the oil as a key component.