Murumuru Butter

Astrocaryum murumuru

Murumuru butter is cold pressed from the seeds of the Murumuru Palm tree. The Murumuru palm is abundant in the Brazilian Amazon. It prefers to grow in periodically flooded areas, especially on islands and in lowlands along the rivers throughout the Amazon River estuary.

Murumuru butter is white and aromatic and has the advantage of not becoming rancid easily. The quality of Murumuru butter is similar to the seed fat of the Tucuma palm and coconut palm, but it has the advantage of providing greater consistency because of its melting point (33 C), which is superior to that of the Tucuma palm (30 C) and coconut palm (22.7 C). The quality of Murumuru butter makes it possible to mix it with other vegetable butters that have a lower melting point.

Due to its high lauric acid concentration murumuru butter can replace perfectly mineral silicon in formulations for skin products and lipsticks. It prevents against external oxidative factors forming a protective film like silicone, without harming the lipid exchange and without clogging the pores.

Available in Conventional & Organic Grades.

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