Meluka Native Wildflower Honey


Meluka Honey, of the purest quality.

Meluka Honey aims to bring you the finest raw honey products.

Organic (ACO, USDA) | Raw | Single Origin | Active | Pure

Ingredients: 100% Australian Jendale honey.

Meluka Native Wildflower Honey is produced from bees harvesting from a wide variety of native Australian botanical species such as tea tree, jelly bush, eucalyptus and other wildflowers. This rich combination provides all the antibacterial and other health benefits nature has to offer.

Taste: This delicious honey has a mild blossom flavour, reflecting the beautiful balance of the native Australian botanical species from which the bees are foraging.

Use: As a sweetener to replace sugar in any of your favourite recipes. Ideal for sweetening dressings and marinades, drizzling on pancakes or stirring in to a cup of tea. Enjoy just as it is - a teaspoonful each day is delicious and can aid digestion or sooth coughs and sore throats.

Caution: Do not heat above 40 as this may destroy the naturally occurring bacteria that provide all the healthy honey benefits.

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