Kunzea ambigua

Early settlers often found native animals sleeping under the Kunzea shrub. Eventually, the plant was nicknamed “Tick Bush” after early settlers learned that native animals slept under the plant in an effort to rid themselves of ticks. The oil in the kunzea ambigua tree is not palatable and, as a result, many insects and native animals leave it alone. Today, scientists continue to study this amazing plant and are finding new properties, benefits and uses.

Today, kunzea ambigua grows up to 5 meters high in eastern Tasmania, southern Victoria and southeast New South Wales.

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Antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, expectorant.

Relieves minor aches & pains, helps treat arthritis, muscular pain, nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. Helps heal cuts, insect bites and bruises. It can also be used to treat itchy, flaky skin. Use Kunzea oil in vaporizers and baths to treat chest congestion. It can also be used in massage oil, potpourri and room deodorizers.