Fennel Sweet 🌿

Foeniculum vulgare

🌿 conventional or certified organic available

The Foeniculum vulgare is a flowering plant species in the carrot family. It is a hardy perennial herb that grows up to 2m in height with yellow flowers and fine, feathery leaves. It is a highly aromatic herb.

Foeniculum vulgare is indigenous to Mediterranean countries, like Italy, Greece and France but is now grown in northern Europe, Australia and North America.

Fennel Sweet has been used in traditional medicine for an array of different ailments. The plant was in fact cultivated by the ancient Romans so they could harvest is aromatic fruits and edible shoots. It was again used in Spanish agriculture dating A.D. 961 and was also used in ancient China and also by the Egyptians.

Fennel Sweet oil is a sweet, yet slightly spicy smelling oil. It is uplifting and energizing and a beautiful addition to a myriad of cosmetic and fragrance products.

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  • Studied Properties
  • Common Uses

Studied Properties

APPEARANCE     Colourless to pale yellow mobile liquid
ODOUR             Characteristic, sweet, anise like
SPECIFIC GRAVITY @20°C      0.950 to 0.981
REFRACTIVE INDEX @20°C     1.475 to 1.560
FLASHPOINT                         62°C


Main components:
Anethole <87%
1,8-cineole <5%

EU Allergens
Can contains trace amounts of Linalool, and less than 5% of Limonene.

Fennel Sweet oil has antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant and expectorant properties.

Common Uses

Sweet Fennel oil is commonly used in Aromatherapy.
It’s anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties make it useful in muscle oil blends and products.
It is a favourite in massage oils and blends, bath products and soaps.
It is useful in wound healing balms and products.
It is used in cosmetics and perfumery.

Caution: It is recommended to do a skin patch test to check for a possible allergic reaction, before using certain oils in large quantities on the skin.