Coffee Butter

Coffea arabica

Coffee Butter is a rich, all-over moisturizing butter made with the essential oil of Green or Roasted coffee beans.

In perfumery, the scent of coffee is adaptable and tends to pair well with a variety of strong aromatic essences such as resins, woods, spices, tobacco, and leather. It often features in men's fragrances, which makes it particularly suitable for men's care products. Because coffee is often used as an olfactory cleanser, Coffee Butter – Roasted is also a great ingredient to use in a blend meant to help mask other odors. This is beneficial for anyone who is regularly exposed to strong odors as part of their work or hobbies and does not want them lingering on the skin.

While no one knows the exact origin of coffee, legend has it that it was discovered in its native tropical African forests by a goatherd who noticed a strange energy in his flock after eating the berries of a particular tree. In one variation of the legend, the goatherd samples the berries himself and experiences humanity's first caffeine buzz; in another variation, he tells an Abbott at a local monastery who then makes a drink out of the berries and shares his subsequent discovery with the other monks.

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