Cedarwood Texas

Juniperus mexicana

There are several varieties of Cedarwood oils. Cedarwood Texas (Texas Cedar) is a small evergreen tree found in Mexico, Central America and the southern United States.

The pale yellow oil is steam distilled from the heartwood of the Juniperus mexicana and has a fresh, clean, woody aroma. Cedarwood Texas Oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

The oil is highly valued in the perfume industry for its clean, woody aroma.

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  • Studied Properties
  • Common Uses

Studied Properties

APPEARANCE       Pale yellow to orange/yellow viscous liquid
ODOUR                  Clean, woody aroma
SPECIFIC GRAVITY @20°C       0.950 to 0.967
REFRACTIVE INDEX @20°C       1.50 to 1.51


Main Constituents:

Standards insist that Cedrol be a minimum of 20% for Texas Cedarwood.

ALLERGENS: No known allergens

Common Uses

With its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, Cedarwood Texas is a useful ingredient in products for skin conditions such as acne. The oil is beneficial for products aimed at skin nourishment and scalp health.

It is also great in soaps and bath products.

Cedarwood Texas Oil is a valued ingredient in the perfumery industry.