Allspice (leaf or berry)

Pimenta dioica/ Pimenta officinalis

Allspice, also known as Jamaica Pepper or Pimento, is a large evergreen tree that features fragrant bark, leaves, flowers and berries. It is native to the West Indies, Caribbean and Central and South America. It is now grown commercially in Jamaica, Mexico and Trinidad amongst others.

The oil comes in two varieties, Allspice Leaf and Allspice Berry, both steam distilled.

Allspice Berry Oil has a lower Eugenol content than the leaf oil. It is the more expensive of the two oils, and is considered a safer oil due to its lower Eugenol content, and has a more pleasant aroma. With a yellow to brown color and a warm, sweet yet spicy aroma, it is similar in smell to clove and cinnamon, and reminiscent of fall/winter.

It has antifungal and antiseptic qualities, and the aroma compliments masculine fragrances.

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Allspice Berry Oil has a lower Eugenol content than Allspice Leaf Oil.
Eugenol 60-90%

APPEARANCE: Yellow to amber/orange to brown mobile liquid
ODOUR: Characteristic, sweet, warm, spicy
SPECIFIC GRAVITY @20°C: 1.018 to 1.050
REFRACTIVE INDEX @25°C: 1.525 to 1.545


With its beautiful, spicy aroma, Allspice is valued in the fragrance industry, particularly in masculine products. It is a great addition to products as a fragrance element but must be well diluted. It has a revitalizing and warming scent.

The high Eugenol content makes it a useful addition to products aimed at muscular aches and pains, and those aimed at relief of arthritic symptoms.
It is useful in treating insect bites and is antiseptic. When well diluted, it is also helpful in products aimed to ease respiratory issues.

It is recommended to do a skin patch test to check for a possible allergic reaction, before using certain oils in large quantities on the skin.

Allspice Oil is a strong oil, and it is recommended to only use well diluted.

Allspice is not recommended to be used by pregnant women or small children.