Our Eco-Commitment

Our Eco-Commitment

Naturally Australian Products farming requires a lot of hard work, a good understanding of everything from animal behaviour to mechanics, from finances to a deep-seated dedication using sustainable agriculture.

Our goal for Ecological farming is not only to grow and source sustainable products, but is to optimize the preservation of our ecosystem.

At our main plantation, Jenbrook Farms, we value the Mother Trees, 1000's of year in age, and respect their place in the natural environment.

Beyond maintaining the dying art of wildcrafting, the farming methods we use show our commitment to preserve our environment. For example, mulch from the trees we harvest is composted with green manure and put back onto the land to reduce down to Pete, naturally reducing the weeds. We also use biological pest control for an effective solution to keeping our land healthy, with little disturbance to the environment around us.

Here at Naturally Australian Products, Inc, we feel it is our responsibility to provide our customers with a high-quality product that doesn't hurt our ecosystem, but instead creates solutions to help maintain its integrity.  Not only do we practice these methods on our own lands, but we also go to great lengths to source from and encourage the business of eco-conscious farming for our products offered wherever possible.