A simple day on our farms, in the pristine Bungawalbyn Valley Basis, would reveal more than just thousands of ancient mother trees. You would also find a few of our furry friends, too. These native Australian wild animals are our comfortable companions during long days on the plantation. But many of these animals are in danger and their species are at risk. We recently teamed up with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation and learned more about the plight of these animals. But it was the special story of a little koala named Tahlia that got us thinking seriously about what more we could do to help protect our Australian friends. Click here to read Tahlia's story. Protecting all native species is important to our company and we're proud to give a portion of our proceeds back to wild animal hospitals all over Australia, beginning with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation in Queensland.

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation founder Alex Griffiths started caring for sick and injured wildlife 63 years ago. As the need for specialist care became obvious, the first veterinarian started work in 1989 and the Currumbin Sanctuary Wildlife Hospital was born. Since that day, the Wildlife Hospital has now grown to admitting over 7,000 patients every year and is one of the busiest Wildlife Hospitals in the world. 

To date, over 40,000 native animals have been release back into the wild!

Currumbin Sanctuary Wildlife Hospital prides itself on providing the highest level of care possible to their patients. Experienced vets and nurses assess and treat all of the cases. Many require surgery and long periods of rehabilitation before release. Their veterinary team works tirelessly to save the lives of these animals and is rewarded by having the privilege of releasing them back into the wild.

The patients are many and varied, each animal released back to the wild could tell a remarkable story of survival.

Proceeds from every sale at Naturally Australian Products, Inc are sent back to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to help them continue their mission to protect another important Australian resource...its animals. Please consider joining our cause to help keep these animals alive. Click here to learn how you can help!